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Family Consecration to
Jesus, Mary and Joseph

What does the family consecration do?

The Family Consecration is a powerful way to strengthen and renew the covenant of marriage.
It unites the couples and children in God’s Will and when done with sincere hearts,
it ignites the love for God and thus calling down graces and peace to the family.

What is the purpose of the Family Consecration?

The family consecration places the family under the reign of Christ, the intercession of Mary and the protection of Joseph. In this way, the family finds its way back to its original vocation and becomes a place of grace and holiness.

She is thereby transformed more and more into a temple of God and a reflection of the Holy Family.

For whom is the family consecration?

The family consecration is for all families who want to consecrate their lives to Jesus Christ, Mary and Joseph
and for such people who wish to enter into the covenant of marriage in the blessing of the Holy Family.

What are the requirements for the Family Consecration?

Family consecration and total surrender to the Holy Family presupposes the will to renew one’s life in the Grace of Christ and to live entirely out of God’s Mercy. This includes living a life in union with the Sacraments of the Holy Catholic Church.

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…to consecrate you and your family entirely to the Sacred Heart of Christ, the Immaculate Heart of our Mother Mary, and the Most Chaste Heart of Joseph.

If you have been living without Sacraments or in a break with the Catholic Church and still feel a call to consecrate your life and family to the Holy Family, contact us or access further information and writings to better know the mystery of the Holy Body of Christ and the Mercy of God.